How to write a Book Review format

How to write a Book Review format

11. Story Cartel

Book reviews are one of those places where the traditional book industry has it down pat.If you’ve got a blog or a website, you could get free books from Bethany House.

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Payment is sent via PayPal.Our reviewing staff is composed of professional reviewers and industry professionals, and each writer is carefully vetted prior to joining our staff.Most of the reviews you’ll write for the platform will be about music, but you can also review other stuff on there too, like, clothes and commercials.A regular notification of new reviews is sent to thousands of subscribers each month.Scam–

19. LibraryThing

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Additionally, we distribute your review to all major search engines such as Google, Yahoo, Bing, Ask, AOL, and so much more, including 40,000 RSS feeds, JavaScript & HTML feeds.To be eligible to become a reviewer on the site, you must have an actively maintained public blog.

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